Arsenal legend praises Kane who has all the qualities.

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Thierry Henry praises Bayern Munich striker Harry Kane as one of the most complete strikers in world football. It is a rare tribute from a former Arsenal legend to an alumnus of fellow London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Kane moved from Spurs to play for the Bayern Munich. In his first season, his personal performance was immediate, scoring 31 goals from playing 32 matches in every competition. Even though in the German Bundesliga he was only second behind Bayer Leverkusen 10 points. สมัคร ufabet

which according to the opinion of the former striker ‘The Gunners’ view the England captain as the top scorer with many toxins in today’s football. 

“Harry Kane’s evolution has been outstanding. And this is why whenever I talk about scoring a lot of goals, It doesn’t mean you’re guarantee a championship. – But that’s not important.” The opening mouth of the all-time top scorer, ‘Gunners’.

“Look at how calm that guy is in front of goal, he gives the ball a little nudge to get a better shot. That shows how sure the guy is, his football technique is outstanding. Can you name a striker who can score goals? Including coming down and passing the ball to the teammate and scoring goals like him.” 

“Remember when we had the chance to interview him about wanting to add assists to his game? The guy said he would definitely be happy if he could add more assists. And want to do it more You know, I respect people who have that kind of attitude.”

“Harry is consider a complete striker from my point of view. I’ve talked about that many times. We’ve said that Patrick Kluivert is the most complete striker we’ve ever faced.”

“But it goes without saying that the Dutchman is the best striker in history. But if talking about a striker with all-round abilities A lot of things can be done, you have to give it to Kane.” 

The 30 -year-old striker has an important game to carry Bayern Munich on the path to the Champions League . They will open the Allianz Arena against Lazio in the round of 16, the second match ( 5 March ). The result from the first leg was 0-1  behind.